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If you have a knack for training, work well with people, and want to work for a company that loves dogs as much as you do, apply to Doggy Dates as a dog trainer. Wellesley dog owners need reliable, experienced, and caring dog trainers they can trust with their furry family members. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you. Find out if a job at Doggy Dates is what you’ve been looking for as a dog trainer in Wellesley.

Benefits of Pursuing a Dog Training Career

There are dozens of reasons you’ll love being a dog trainer in Wellesley. If you have a knack for training, love dogs, and feel confident in your abilities, then you have what it takes to become a dog trainer. Whether you’re a certified dog trainer or pursuing the career of your dreams, you have a bright and furry future ahead of you. If you’re considering this career at Doggy Dates, here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Work with dogs every day
  • Get paid to do what you love
  • Flexible schedule
  • New, exciting experiences every day
  • Make a positive difference in dogs’ lives
  • Positive feedback from owners who love you
  • Be a teacher people listen to and respect
  • Spend more time outside, not behind a desk
  • Connect with dogs on a deeper level
  • Work with a variety of dog breeds
  • Build a successful career

The list of reasons to become a dog trainer is endless. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at dog training, or you’re an established dog trainer in Wellesley in pursuit of a fun, reliable company to join, apply for a job at Doggy Dates. We’re always looking for awesome people to add to our team of dedicated professionals. Fill out our application form in as much detail as possible, telling us why you think you’d make an excellent trainer at Doggy Dates. Choose your preferred schedule, doggy date arrangement, and the job wish to have. If you sound like a great fit for our team, we’ll get back to you for the next step!

Things We Look for in Dog Trainers in Wellesley

Our trainers understand the most up-to-date science behind dog training and never use fear, pain, or intimidation to train. Instead, our dog trainers, walkers, sitters, and playdate supervisors know how to use reward-based and other positive reinforcement training methods grounded in an understanding of how dogs learn. If this type of training is right up your alley, get to know our company to see if you’d be a good fit.

The No. 1 item we look for on our dog trainer job applicants’ résumés is a love of dogs. A passion for animals, and especially canines, is at the heart and soul of Doggy Dates. Elizabeth Geisinger, our founder and CEO, created the company to provide dogs in Massachusetts with reliable, loving, and friendly caregivers. Above all else, we need dog trainers in Wellesley who love dogs as much as we do.

On top of being a dog lover, we prefer our dog trainers to have know-how when it comes to dog behaviors, nutrition, and training. Certified dog trainers are ideal, but we’re open to dog trainers just starting out, too. If you’re confident in your expertise, do your homework, and go the distance for the good of the dog, we want to meet you. One major requirement for joining the Doggy Dates team is reliability. While we offer flexible, custom scheduling, our clients depend on punctuality. We prefer dog trainers with reliable transportation, little to no scheduling conflicts, and a dedication to dependability.

Doggy Dates’ Training Regime

Dog Trainer WellesleyAt Doggy Dates, we personalize our training regimes to match each specific dog. When customers sign up for our training services, they know they’re working with an experienced dog trainer in Wellesley who can tailor the experience to the dog. Our goals are to address common problem behaviors for happier pooches and happier owners. Here are some problem behaviors our trainers address:

  • Jumping. Jumping isn’t only annoying, but it can also injure people. Our trainers utilize techniques to teach dogs to keep all four paws on the ground when excited or greeting new people.
  • Pulling. Pulling is a common problem that can lead to losing control of the dog, potentially ending in dangerous situations for both dog and owner. Our trainers understand how to leash-train to correct pulling and follow the owner’s lead.
  • Barking. Barking is natural for dogs, but excessive barking can cause stress for everyone involved. Our training tools and methods help teach dogs how to use their “indoor voices.”
  • Inappropriate social play. Extremely shy dogs that tend to guard their owners, play too rough, or excessively hump other dogs while playing can get into tough spots with dogs that don’t react well to these behaviors. We offer social play training to promote safe, confident doggy playdates. We do not offer this service to aggressive dogs.
  • Recall. If a dog is a “runner” and ignores an owner’s commands, our trainers engage in professional recall training. Teaching a dog to come when called can be difficult and requires patience and special techniques.

If you have experience in training dogs to break these common behavioral problems using positive reinforcement and modern techniques, we want to talk to you about a job at Doggy Dates. Learn more about our training services.

Perks of Being a Dog Trainer at Doggy Dates

If you’ve wanted to join a company that gives you the freedom to pick and choose your hours, schedule, and availability, now is your chance. At Doggy Dates, our dog trainers have the steady income of employees but the freedom of independent contractors. If we think you’re right for our team, we’ll work closely with you to figure out a schedule that’s ideal for you. We have plenty of customers looking for dog training at different times of day and days of the week. We’re sure to have clients who need your services when you’re ready to offer them. If you’re ready to apply at Doggy Dates as a dog trainer, Wellesley residents can dial (781) 801-2526 or apply online to get in touch with us.

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