img-17 Training is essential to promote a happy and well behaved dog.  We offer personalized training to address common problem behaviors for a happier dog and a happier you!


Jumping is a problem behavior that is not only irritating, but can cause injury.  We will teach you techniques to utilize with your pup that will help your dog learn to keep all paws down when greeting!


Pulling can make walking your dog a dangerous and stressful experience.  Leash training is a great way to correct pulling and teach your dog to follow your lead! 


Almost all dogs bark, however when it is excessive it can be irritating, disruptive, and stressful.  With the use of training techniques and tools, we can help your pup to learn to use their indoor voice! 

Social Play

Mouthy play, extreme shyness, excessive humping, guarding, etc can result in a negative response from other dogs.  With direct focus on your pup in a playgroup setting, our trainer will utilize techniques to minimize problem behaviors and promote confident play! ***social play training is not offered for dog-aggressive behaviors*** 


Recall training is essentially training a dog to come when called.  If your pup is a “runner” or does not react to your command, recall training is a great way to teach your dog such an important skill.